Mix Boxes

Design: Eric Pfeiffer

The Mix Boxes return a lo-fi interactivity to a world made busy by complex devices and objects. The set includes six well-crafted boxes of varying size that allow you to create compositions based on your unique design and storage needs.

Life is fluid: When circumstances change, The Mix Boxes change with them. Sideboard, bookcase, bedside tables or media storage – the uses are endless. This is not a static piece of furniture that dominates a room. The set encourages interaction and lets you bring your own personality to the product.

Our products are not mass-produced on an assembly line in some far away place, and then shipped across an ocean. Instead, each numbered set of Mix Boxes is made to order for you by skilled craftsmen right here in the USA. Direct from our factory to your door!

Please enjoy limited time FREE SHIPPING on this product!

Design, make, and sell local — that’s our model.

Safe Formaldehyde free
Direct Made in the USA free shipping direct to you

001MIX BOXES$750.00

Easy No assembly required