10 Free DIY Gun Cabinet Plans You Can Start Today Simply

Last Updated on June, 2024

If you’re a Gun collector and want to store all your rifles, shotguns, handguns, and other firearms properly, gun cabinets and safes are all great options. 

If you’ve been considering getting one, you need to get ready to spend a lot of money. YES! Gun storage is expensive. 

However, with a little woodworking knowledge, you can create one on your own for way less and, most importantly, the way you want!

If you’re up to the task and believe you can create one, below, we’ve listed ten simple wooden gun cabinet plans. As the name implies, they’re all easy to build and take less time too.

Make sure to go through all the plans properly, see what fits you, and get started…


10 of the Best Free Gun Cabinet Plans

Below is a list of different gun storage that you can consider building. There are plans for gun racks, gun cabinets and gun safes. Each one of them is different and provides different types of protection.

1. DIY Gun Cabinet

If there’s something that perfectly fits into almost any home style, It’s this, the DIY gun cabinet made from oak. 

Oak, as everyone knows, is a great piece of wood, and if perfectly taken advantage of, this piece of wood can produce gorgeous results. 

And one of those is this gun cabinet. It’s a very safe and gorgeous looking wood gun cabinet that’s so easy to make. Plus, the materials and tools needed are also minimal and not to mention the variety of firearms that can be stored here. Literally, all kinds of guns you have can be stored.

Apart from the little expensive oak wood, every other material required is cheaper. And compare it with a store-bought gun cabinet; you’ll be having a less expensive but more beautiful showcase for your gun collection. 

If you think this might be the perfect cabinet to store your firearms, start building it by clicking here. This is a video walkthrough on the YouTube channel “Life Less Ordinary”. Everything you need to know about building this gun cabinet is mentioned here, with instructions making it easy, especially for beginners.

2. Gun Rack From Reclaimed Pallet Wood

Instructables is well-known for its woodworking projects, and this Gun Rack is made from reclaimed and repurposed wood obtained from shipping pallets.

This is one of the less expensive builds on this list in terms of time and money. You don’t need to be a pro or anything to build this gun rack; it’s so easy. And when it comes to the tools, you might’ve everything lying around the house. Nothing’s advanced. 

Even the woodworker from Instructables who’s building this cabinet isn’t a professional; he’s just a hobbyist. So you can pull this off for sure. 

As for pallets, you can find them for very cheap and in most places. Some might even give them away for free. 

The storage space you get from this gun rack is great, too; it can hold either two rifles or shotguns without any hassle. And as mentioned earlier, the tools are something you might already have. I’ll list all of those just below:

  • Hammer
  • Speed Square
  • Pencil
  • Circular Saw
  • Tape measure
  • Drill and screws
  • Gloves
  • Clear satin polyurethane spray
  • Dust mask
  • Sander and sandpaper
  • Hooks
  • Safety glasses 

These are everything you’ll need to get started. As you can see, they’re very much basic. If you want to build your own gun cabinet, this is a great build that you can consider! It’s easy, cheap and most importantly, takes very less time to complete.

Click here to build your Gun Rack From Reclaimed Pallet Wood. Also, to make it much easier, there’s a pdf guide too that’s much more detailed, so make sure to download it.

3. Rifle Rack

Most people own rifles but do not have a proper place to store them. That’s where the Rifle Rack comes in. The people from Rod’s Woodworking Shop are behind this masterpiece, and it’s elegant and perfect in every way. 

This Rifle Rack is made of plywood and is wall mountable. As shown in the image, it can store up to three rifles or shotguns and, at the bottom, one handgun with some ammo. 

The difficulty in building this rack on a scale out of ten would be just four. It’s so easy. But the side panels can be a struggle for some. However, that does not mean it’s impossible.

Safety may not be the best since it’s an open rack. However, if children are your concern, you can hang the rack well away from them.

Time and resources for building this custom rifle rack are minimal. You won’t be needing many materials or tools, and your overall costs will be significantly less than most other cabinets on the list.

You can find the complete guide with instructions here. There are also a lot of images that you take a look at when in doubt.

4. Secret Floating Shelf Gun Safe

DIYeasycrafts, as the name suggests, is known for making easy builds and the Secret Floating Shelf Gun Safe is one of them. 

A gun safe which, compared to cabinets, is more safe. However, this particular safe, according to the author, is not safe. He claims not to use this safe as it’s easily accessible for children.

Anyways, if there are no children or if you think you can keep it away from children, this is something that you can consider building. 

This Floating Secret Gun Safes build quality is great, and it looks very luxurious if built properly. It needs minimal effort, time, money and tools too. 

With all things considered, this is one of the easiest safes to build on this list. 

And worth mentioning, if you’re someone who owns a variety of firearms, this build may not be for you. As you can see from the image, this safe can only carry either a rifle or a shotgun, which is a bummer. 

That said, if this is the gun safe you’re thinking of going with, here’s their plan. Make sure you follow everything mentioned thoroughly, and if you’re finding it hard, there’s a video walkthrough too.

5. Wooden American Flag Concealed Gun Cabinet

Made with plywood, this Wooden American Flag Concealed Gun Cabinet is up next. 

This gun cabinet is something unique compared to most others. Not only unique but also one of the difficult ones to build on this list, as you’ll need to draw the American flag accurately. If you figure that out, the rest of the process will not be as hard. 

As mentioned above, plywood is needed for the build, and as for the rest of the tools and materials, they too are a bit advanced. 

There’s a lot of work that needs to go into this wooden gun cabinet if you’re to securely store your guns. However, it’ll be well worth it. 

If you’re ready to get started with the build, you can check out the video from Workshop 1776 on YouTube. Everything from tools, materials and dimensions is mentioned there. You won’t be having any difficulties building the firearm display cabinet, thanks to the video.

6. Gun Cabinet With a Mirror

Also known as a secret compartment gun case, this is a perfect cabinet to store your guns safely and securely. However, let me get this out of the way first. If you have not worked with wood much, you may find this project difficult; it isn’t impossible, though.

Anyways, here, as you can see from the image, you’ll be storing your guns behind a mirror. Pegboard is used for this project, and it is what will hold your guns. 

And speaking of holding, this secret wooden gun compartment can hold any firearm you throw at it, be it smaller guns or larger guns. You can also customize the compartments the way you want based on the guns you have, which is great.

The catch here is the tools needed, though; they’re somewhat advanced, the main one being a table saw.

However, if you’ve got everything needed, this DIY project can turn out great. A living room mirror that opens up into a secret compartment; who doesn’t want one? 

Sawdust2Stitches is behind this, probably one of the best free plans. 

Wanna build?

Click here; that’ll take you straight to the plan.

7. DIY Gun Cabinet By Simon Says

SimonSaysDIY are great craftsmen and are well-known in the woodworking space. This DIY gun cabinet is one of the simplest projects from them.

Hard oak is what’s used for this gun cabinet as it’s durable and provides excellent end results. Not only that, it’s one of the easiest woods to work with too.

This gun cabinet has an upper case that can hold around five rifles or shotguns, plus there’s a compartment below which you can use to store handguns and ammo. This wood gun cabinet can be handy if you’re an owner of a lot of firearms.

If you’re interested in building this gun storage, you can find it on the SimonSaysDIY YouTube channel. Every relevant detail is mentioned there, and the project is split into three videos, so make sure to watch all three.

8. Display Cabinet For Firearms

Popular Mechanics are really popular in pulling of beautifully crafted wooden pieces, and the firearms display cabinet is no exception. This thing is gorgeous and luxurious in every way.

Storage wise, there’s an upper case and a lower case. Just like the gun cabinet from Simon Says, it can hold five long arms; pistols can be placed too since there’s an additional second case below. 

There are two additional drawers to store your ammunition and other supplies. So as you can see, this gun cabinet has plenty of extra space. 

This gun cabinet would’ve easily taken the top five spot if it wasn’t for the cost. Unfortunately, you’ll need to spend a lot if you’re to build this attractive piece. 

Especially the wood used for the build is some of the expensive ones available, cherry plywood and solid cherry. And the building process is not easy either. If you’re familiar with these types of projects, you’ll be alright. If not, you’ll need to go through everything listed in the plan thoroughly. 

To be precise, everything about this wooden gun cabinet is advanced. If that does not bother you, it is absolutely worth giving this project a shot. You won’t be disappointed. Learn more by clicking here.

9. Hidden in Wall Gun Cabinet With Hidden Keypad

If you don’t want your guns to be largely visible, you can consider this project. This is one of the safe gun cabinets on this list, without a doubt, because of its locking mechanism. It contains a solenoid lock with a hidden keypad behind a picture to control it.

Next, you might be thinking about what’s hidden in the wall; if so, it’s worth noting that this gun cabinet can double down as a full body mirror. This is great as you can completely cover the cabinet aspect. 

The gun rack is easy to build, plus the tool list is relatively less advanced. The only thing that’s advanced is the wiring works for the solenoid lock. Other than that, there’s nothing difficult. 

Storage is another area where this gun rack shines; you can store around four guns with zero problems. It’s really great for a gun rack that’s this easy to build.

The rifle rack plan’s instructions make it a step easier to build. Everything is extremely detailed, and the actual expenses are mentioned so you can know much the project will cost.

Check the plan out here.

10. Easy DIY Gun Cabinet

Last free gun cabinet plan on this list is the Easy DIY Gun Cabinet from none other than Instructables. This plan is the third one from them and most probably the easiest one from them. 

This plan is all about building a simple box with some drawers in it. You can store around twelve rifles, ammo along with some other supplies. Now that’s a lot of storage for a cabinet this easy to build.

Every tool needed for this job can be found around your house. And the materials needed are also relatively cheap. So if you’re building a cabinet for the first time and looking for something easier to get started with, this is a great plan for that. 

All the important bits and pieces are thoroughly put together in the plan from Instructables. If you think that this is the plan for you, click here.

Other plans you can try: Jewelry Box Plans

Final Words

A gun owner needs a gun cabinet, rack or a safe. Simple as that! 

No one wants their guns lying around. It can be dangerous. However, buying one can be expensive, and that’s where these free gun cabinet plans come in. 

The majority of the gun cabinet plans here are easy to build and require less time, money and resources. If you have what it takes, get started now! 


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